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The Phoenix Ostomy Support System is a patented ostomy appliance belt that conceals and supports an ostomy pouch as well as provides peristomal hernia and leakage support.

The pocket forming panel is designed to support an ostomy collection pouch in a secure, horizontal position on the wearer's abdomen without interfering with the function of the ostomy appliance. The collection pouch is held completely covered while allowing the pouch to expand. The pouch remains readily accessible for removal and cleaning with minimum adjustment and without removal of the belt itself. The System is adaptable for either right or left side stomas and is used be colostomy and ileostomy wearers who use a standard size collection pouch. it may be used with either one-piece or two-piece pouch systems. "I have always worn my pouch vertically. How can it fill properly and not affect my stoma in the horizontal position?" The Phoenix System allows the pouch to fill horizontally (without affecting the stoma) the same way it fills while you are sleeping at night. You should empty the pouch when you start to feel the weight of the output which is usually when it gets about one-third full. One-third full is the level at which the pouch manufactures recommend emptying anyway.

Easy to use

Mount collection pouch in horizontal position.

Insert pouch

Insert pouch into pocket. Wrap system around waist keeping adhesive flange/wafer between fabric and skin.

Snap Flap Closed

Secure with snaps. Adjust fit on the side.

Reclaim Your life

Now go on about your daily activities and reclaim YOUR life today.

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The Phoenix Ostomy Belt offers many features & benefits. It conceals & supports collection pouch securely, it is made of soft, stretchy, breathable fabric, enclosing the pouch in fabric pocket. It is used for colostomies & ileostomies alike. The Phoenix Ostomy Belt is made of 90% cotton & 10% lycra. Removable support contains synthetic rubber. It can be used with one-piece or two-piece systems and with right or left side stomas. Reclaim your life today, order yours now.

Our Reviews

From clients who have purchased our Ostomy Support System
"I have found the belt to be way more than I expected. When I am wearing the belt I honestly almost don't notice my ostomy at all. In my opinion it works better with disposable than drainable. I have already recommended it and will most likely buy another one soon."
-John Q,
Kingsport, TN
"This pouch system has greatly improved my lifestyle. No longer do I have to worry about the bag getting caught or the whole thing ripping off. Everything it kept close and secure with no restrictions."
A Very Satisfied Customer
in Georgia
"Since I have started wearing the Ostomy Support Belt I have had a lot less abdominal pain due to hernia around my stoma. It also makes me appear more normal without the large lump. Thanks again! I am not as self conscious about how it looks as I was."
–Sean O.
in Arkansas
"I purchased this Ostomy Support Belt with the hopes of making my life easier. And it has ...This belt has allowed me to forget about my Ostomy bag and the bulkiness, weight. noise etc. if you have a Ostomy bag you know what I mean. This devise is great ... it is comfortable and very discrete."
-Maury M.
in Michigan